How to Get MyLowesLife W2 Form?

The W-2 form is a tax structure in the United States which is utilized by the Internal Revenue Service for recording compensation paid to partners or employees in addition to the retained taxes.



Each and every employer must finish the Form W-2 for every one of the employees who are given any remuneration or other payout in lieu of the work they do. 

According to IRS.Gov, the official website, each US employer who dispenses compensation and any kind of payout, including noncash installments of $600 or more annually for services discharged by a partner must document a Form, which is the W-2 for each partner and employee. This is regardless of whether the partner is identified with the employer from whom: salary, standardized savings, or health taxes were retained. 

The annual tax would be retained in case the employee asserted close to one retention recompense or if the employee had not guaranteed exclusion from retaining via Form W-4, Employee’s Allowance Certificate.

How to Access W2 Form?

For anyone who is a current employee, they have to first visit Nextly one shall have to head on to the ‘my health’ option and select the w-2 services in the payroll services subhead.

When one has reached the aforesaid destination, one should select ‘get your w-2 now’, if one has selected the option of online delivery. Once one reaches the current year’s w-2, then one should click on the online option to follow through the steps for printing it out.

Ideally, one should select the online delivery option for convenience; however, if one chooses not to, then one should go to and click on “W-2 reprint.”

For any previous year w-2 statement, one is charged; however, employees can get 1 reprint free of cost for the present year.

One has the option of having two w-2’s if one has worked in different states. One should carefully check all the pages before printing w-2, as the second one should be the final page. Therefore, it is a fairly easy process and one should not have any confusion as to how to get Myloweslife w2 form.