How do Former Employees Get their W2 forms?

A business is lawfully required to convey a W-2 structure to each representative to whom they paid a pay, wage, or another type of remuneration. This excludes contracted or independently employed specialists, who must record charges with various structures. The business must send the worker the W-2 structure at the latest Feb. 31 every year, so the representative has sufficient time to document their annual duties before the cut-off time (which is April 15 in most years).


What are the w-2 forms?

Managers should likewise utilize W-2 forms to report the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) charges for their workers consistently. Before the finish of February, businesses must record, for the earlier year, Form W-2, alongside Form W-3, for every representative with the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA utilizes the data on these structures to compute the Social Security advantages to which every laborer is entitled. Expense records are petitioned for the earlier year. For instance, on the off chance that one gets a W-2 Form in February 2023, it mirrors one’s salary for 2019.

Access to w2 forms for former employees

People, who have stopped working at a particular organization or with a particular employer, should go to It is easy to learn how former employees get their w2 forms. On reaching the first page on the site, one should enter LOWES in the employer name box, or alternatively, they can enter the LOWES employer code of 11116.

Then on the next reached page, one has to enter one’s SSN and one’s PIN, which are the last four digits of SSN and MM with the year of one’s birth date. Then, one has to click on continue to be forwarded to Then, one is required to change their default PIN. After getting logged into the portal, one has to select the online delivery option to get the w-2 instantaneously.