How Can I Contact MyLowesLife HR?

HR also called human resource is the stream that works for the firm and is responsible for maintaining and managing the resources of the employees both past and present. They are the first ones to get updated about any change happening in the life of the staff. They are responsible for maintaining good relations with the staff and among them. Providing for motivation, work stress management, listening to their issues, etc. They are the department that helps with recruiting and training the firm employee to the best of the company’s profit. As every problem encountered by the employee former or present is a part of the HR team, therefore the working members need to have easy and approachable relations with them. To suffice with this the provides the members with the basic approachable means like:

  • The portal makes the users reach HR by their office numbers also mentioning the time of their availability. Every HR office is open for different hours in different regions; therefore a user can approach the most convenient one.
  • It also makes the official mail id of the HR department that can help with the problem during the office hours. Mails are convenient during the weekends and the problem to be reported does not slip off one’s mind and is brought to the notice when the office re-opens during the next working day.
  • Apart from it, if facing issues with accounts or payslips, a user can approach either the HR or can directly contact the accounts department that can be approached via the phone numbers provided in the portal.

You can contact Lowe’s Human Resources customer service just by dialing 1-888-HRINFO5 (1-888-474-6365). 1000 Lowes Boulevard, Mooresville, NC 28117.

The HR department is the first department that comes into the mind of an employee when they encounter any problem. They are the caretakers of the staff who in turn are the administrators of the company’s health. Looking up to the HR department for every single need, none of the employees should return empty-handed, devoid of solutions for the problems they have in the workspace. Therefore it is very important to bridge the gap between the employees and the HR department which is commendably done by the portal.