How Do I See My Schedule with Lowes Kronos?

The schedule is one of the most important parts of an employee’s life. It lets them know what’s on their list of tasks on the present day and the important jobs to be done further. It helps them gain knowledge about the days that would go darn busy and the days they can schedule other tasks. Myloweslife portal provides the basic means to do the scheduling in the best possible manner. It does not just help them log in the details but also helps them remind by the notification so that the important tasks don’t get missed. Everything has its list of rules and procedures. The steps to see your schedule with Lowes Kronos are:


Check Your Schedule with Lowes Kronos?

  • The first step for you to take is to enter your login credentials. If you are an existing employee, you can log in right away. 
  • If you are a former employee, there is an option next to the login credentials box which will direct you to a login link meant for former employees.
  • It is quite evident that one of the main reasons behind the usage of this website is to check the work schedules of the current week or the next. It helps people prepare and stay on track accordingly.
  • After you log in, there is a button labeled “Kronos” on the right-hand side of your screen. Select this button.
  • Before you access your schedule, you are required to read a disclaimer notice and acknowledge it.
  • In doing so, choose the “My Work and Absence Summary” button.
  • This option will help you take a look at your shifts seventeen days in advance. This will help you prioritize your duties well.
  • The option will also give you access to your absence record including your excused and non-excused attendances.

Lowes Kronos schedule on mobile app

The scheduling system has been created in such a way that it is customer-centric. It not only ensures that the store is adequately staffed but also sees to it that the staff are treated fairly. The shifts are also varied from week to week. Thus, this is the procedure for signing up for the website.