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Lowes is an American retail company committed to home improvement, especially in The Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. Lucius Smith Lowe founded this organization in 1921. The headquarters of the organization is in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States. 

After the massive success in the USA, the company expanded to Canada and Mexico, and other countries in 2007. At present, this organization is expanding worldwide with an elaborate network of more than 1840 stores in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. 

Due to an extended network, the company launched My Lowes Life, a Lowe’s employee portal with former and current employees regarding the company’s current news, information, employee benefits, work schedule, and many more through this website www.myloweslife.com. 

What is My Lowes Life?

My Lowes Life is a smart work management tool or an employee portal used by the company to update their employee about the following: 

  • Paychecks and Old Pay Status
  • Weekly Work Schedules
  • Tax Filing 
  • Life Insurance
  • W-2 form
  • Health Insurance
  • Employee benefits
  • Direct payment deposit 
  • Health insurance and many more

Without Lowes employee portal, it’s challenging for the organization to manage the employees. This work management tool helps in minimizing the work of managing employees. It’s like a self-service system used by HR teams for the recruiting process. 

The company employees were provided with My Lowes Life portal login details to access it easily. Lowe’s provides an individual account to the employees to see all the information regarding the company and get currently updated and their job roles. 

What Can I Use My Lowes Life Portal For?

As discussed above, the My Lowes Life portal is used by the employee to know their work schedule, company news, and other details. In addition to this, Lowe’s employees can get information about taxes, payment receipts, their duties, schedules, and leverage other things. 

How to Login To Www.Myloweslife.Com Employee Portal? 

Former and current employees can easily access the employee portal via www.myloweslife.com. However, ensure that you have the account credentials such as username and password or your Low’s employees identification number). 

You need to have a security question also. To log in, you need a Smartphone, laptop, computer, and a stable internet connection.

How to Login to www.myloweslife.com (Existing Employees)

  • Visit the official browser www.myloweslife.com and go to the homepage. 
  • The login section is given on the top left side corner of the homepage. 
  • Enter your registered login details, such as account number/sales number and secured password. 
  • Click on ‘Login”
  • You can access your account by entering your account details. 
  • Now, select the employment type for which you have applied (part-time or full time) 
  • Access to your account details, work schedule, and payrolls. 

How to Login to My Lowes Life (Former Employee)

If you are a former employee, follow these steps to access the employee’s login portal. 

  • Go to the official portal www.myloweslife.com.
  • Go to the homepage and find the former employee login in the top right corner of the homepage. 
  • Tab on “Click here” and be directed to the Ex-employee page. 
  • Now, you see the former employee login page.
  • To access it, you need to enter your previous User ID and password. 
  • Fill in the details and click on “Login” to access your account to check former employees’ benefits. 

How To Reset The Employee Portal Login Password At Www.Myloweslife.Com 

Sometimes employees forget the www.myloweslife.com login password. In that situation, you can request the new password and reset it by following these steps: 

  • Visit the official website www.myloweslife.com and click on the “Forgot Password” given right below the password column. 
  • When you click on it, a security question will pop up on your screen. You need to answer it correctly. 
  • Once the questioning process is complete, further instruction will be provided about resetting your password.
  • If you are still facing the same problem, contact customer support or your HR department. 

Facing an Issue with MyLowesLife.com Login?

Are you unable to access MyLoweslife.com? Here are some possible reasons and how you can access the platform quickly. 

Blocked Account:

If your account gets blocked or is facing an issue, it is advised to get assistance from official partners. The customer support team can easily help you with the employee login portal and assist in fixing the problem on the spot. 

Password Troubleshoot:

If your MyLoweslife.com is showing an incorrect password problem, you can easily reset it with your employee details and help from customer support. However, the second reason is that your password has been terminated. 

In that situation, you can turn on the Caps Lock on the keyboard before you type the password. 


Sometimes MyLoweslife.com is down, which is why employees cannot access the platform. For that reason, you can wait for some time before Login again. However, if you observe that Kronos services are not provided in the employee’s account, then take the help of the human resource department. 

Features of My lowes life: 


There are multiple uses that you can get out of the website. This employees only section is quite beneficial in many ways. Workers who are currently employed or were former employees can use this platform. Let’s have a look at the many different uses that you can get out of this website – 

Portal For Everyone

The myloweslife website is the portal for everyone around their multiple stores. The site is for every employee or associate of the brand. It is the streamlined platform for all business dealings. It makes it much simpler to communicate with everyone at the same time. The company news and updates are all provided to the timeline. It is the job of the hierarchical order to flow down the information to all the employees. 


Keeping track of your work schedule along with work progress is made easy through this website. Myloweslife is known to implement standardization across the channel partners. It is essentially a human resource management tool. Managers can do effective team communication through this website and soon the team is planning to implement a voice based communication system like Airchat to communicate with team quickly. It also allows managers to assign work to their subordinates. Attendance paid leaves and other critical company-related terms can be tracked easily using this platform. 


Employee-related benefits are also provided on the website. Other benefits include membership for the Nyt Strands Game Website and discounts on store products for employees. It is an easy way to check essential services like health insurance. One can log in to this site to check where they can redeem their health cards. You have incentives for working hard and overtime. Your performance decides the benefits you are going to receive. 

Register Grievances:

It is quite crucial to have an unbiased and unfiltered channel to report grievances. Through this website, consumers can report claims caused by anyone in the organization. This report goes directly to the head of HR in that store. Under company policy, it is essential to maintain privacy laws while dealing with such grievances. Users also have the option of remaining anonymous while making a grievance. 

Interdepartmental And Intercity Communication:

Lowe’s is a huge name brand all around the USA and Canada. It becomes essential for everyone to have a platform for communication. With the myloweslife website, employees can easily communicate from one store to another. It can be for logistical requirements or stock updates. In the majority of the cases, it is a necessity to do so to ensure smooth working. 

Company Documents:

The website is also resourceful to the employees. Users are provided with official documents to learn more about the organization itself. An example of this would be the manager’s guide or leadership standards. 

What Is Mylowesbenefits Employee Portal? 

MyLowesbenefits.com refers to the official benefits platform of Lowe’s. Employees can view benefits plans and changes, get W-2 forms, and more on My Lowe’s benefits. Additionally, the portal is used to know about their job roles, insurance, healthcare facilities, etc. 

To access this, employees can visit www.mylowesbenefits.com. The page directly redirects you to the Lowes benefit page. If you’re a first-time user, click on New User to create your login ID and set a password. Lowe’s benefits offer Vision & Dental insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, and cover accidental insurance. 

Moreover, Mylowesbenefits also offer Lowes employee discounts to the employees. 

What are the Benefits of Myloweslife Employee Portal?

MyLoweslife login portals offer the following benefits to the employees: 

  • 401 (k) plan
  • Free and discounted influenza shots
  • Tax preparation services (free and discounted) 
  • Lowe’s merchandise discount 
  • Employees can enjoy paid holidays 
  • Medical and family leaves 
  • Flexible Spending Accounts 
  • Sick Leave pay 
  • Dependent care referral services for child and eldercare 
  • Medical insurance covering Dental & Vision insurance 
  • Disability insurance and life insurance 
  • Zero cost health screenings are done by the company’s 5 mobile health screening units. 
  • Co-pays discount at CVS MinuteClinics.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the Lowes employees get the following services: 

Cafeteria, ATM, Workplace flexibility, Health & fitness fairs, Child Daycare arrangements, Laundry & dry cleaning services, health & wellness services, seasonal schedules, jogging and walking trails, customers help center, on-site nurses for corporate and distribution campuses, On-site pharmacy for Mooresville & Wilkesboro Corporate Campuses and compressed worksheet. 

Current employees can also access the login portal for promotion applications. 

Former Employees Benefit: Former employees can access the Lowers login portal to know whether they can have other services from the company and check out new work details. 

About Lowe’s 

Lowe’s is a popular retail store all around the United States. They have been providing consumers with high-quality services for over 99 years now. The first-ever store was created in 1921 in North Carolina. The founders Lucius smith lowe and carl Buchan are to be credited for the success of this retail store.

The company had revolutionized the way people bought hardware and other household fixes. During the early years of the store, they were situated in just small towns. As the big-box format of retail stores became popular, they too reluctantly moved to the next big thing.

It is the world’s second-largest hardware and home services chain. The first one on the list is Home Depot. European competitors are nowhere near the retail giant. They are a public company and have been a member of the NYSE since the late 70s. Their brand logo is instantly recognizable all around the United States because of widespread availability. 

Lowe's iOS app

Terms & Conditions of www.myloweslife.com Login Portal

Myloweslife.com portal is specially designed for authorized employees and personnel. When you register on the portal, you agree to specific security standards and the company’s protocol. Any unauthorized and unapproved person cannot access the platform for an unauthorized purpose. The person is self liable for violating federal and subjected to legal actions by the company. 

My Lowes Life holds all the rights to take legitimate employees’ data, access to relevant resources, and intellectual property. Employees accessing the portal must approve/authority for further proceedings. 

If any employees are found breaking the company’s law or caught red-handed on www.myloweslife.com, they have to provide proof of such criminal activities. 

Lowes Kronos App

myloweslife Kronos app is an employee work management platform, and Kronos is the new name of the same employee login portal you already know. However, both things differ because Kronos is an app, and MYLoweslife is an online portal. The app is installed on the employees’ mobile phones for easy access to the account. 

My Lowes Life Contact:

Social Media Pages:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/lowes

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/lowe%27s-home-improvement/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqd2hbtE2N9fb0D2nTrLT1w

Lowe’s Pro Desk

Contact number – +1-844-569-4776

Lowe’s Customer Care

Phone Number = +1-800-445-6937

Corporate Office Address:

1000 Lowe’s Boulevard,
Mooresville, North Carolina 28117,
United States


In a nutshell, My Lowes life is an official employees login portal that current and previous employees can access. The employees provided unique account details and passwords to access their account on www.myloweslife.com. The platform is designed to keep track of employees and reduce the burden of communicating with every employee.

Employees can access the employee’s login portal through the Kronos app and stay updated with their work schedule; employees benefit, are updated, and even apply for promotions. It becomes a strong communication network for the employees and managers to stay on track and provide all the relevant information in one go. 

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